v0.1 is obsolete, still not unuseful / la versione 0.1 è obsoleta

I recently uploaded Burning Opera v 0.5.9 , and I thought it was obvious to say the older is obsolete now. Still, since there’s no English version of the new one, I suggest all the English readers to download the v 0.1, anyways; the core rules were not changed, I just added new ones and made the final product more clear and readable. I did it first in Italian, just to express myself better.

The English version will be written in less than a month. Burning Opera will be blind play-tested soon by Matteo Turini (as said), and therefore I wanted to wait for his feedbacks before spending time and energies before translating it. I just hope it will be worth the wait for you ^^



Per tutti i lettori italiani invece, posso confermare che la versione 0.1 di Burning Opera è ufficialmente obsoleta. Vi consiglio di leggerla solo se siete curiosi di vedere come è nato il gioco, nulla più.


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