Epimas is upon us!


Hello there, dear readers!

It has been since August I didn’t write anything about Burning Opera. I just let the game spread all over the world, but I’m still waiting some feedback from nearly 250 owners of the game (well, not everyone!).

Anyways, I have a big news for you all: Epimas is upon us!

But… what’s Epimas? As stated by Epidiah Ravachol, the coordinator and founder of this great idea:

Epimas is the traditional holiday that celebrates the playing of games. Occuring on December 24th of each year, those who observe it tend to be happier, live longer and have whiter teeth.

Starting as low as 5$ (the more you pay the more you get), you can gift to a friend a digital copy of a table-top RPG  randomly picked in a list of 19, amazing and valuable indie products, such as Grey Ranks, Misspent Youth, Montsegur 1244, Psi*Run and Poison’d and many others! Beware that, for every gift you do, you’ll also get another, randomly picked one! Games will be delivered, as the Epimas tradition, the 24th of December.

Finally, just in case this is not enough for you, there will be 8 “stocking-stuffers”, games which will be added with every purchase, for free! And guess what? Burning Opera is included!

Every game is worth more than 5$, and Epimas is pretty close, so…

…what are you waiting for?


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