Gunslingers soon to be published


A bunch of old Gunslingers meet in the main square, right in front of Holy River’s clock tower, to settle some scores. Only one will survive… who will be?

This is how Gunslingers begins. But what’s Gunslingers exactly?

Gunslingers is NOT a Role Play Game. I wanted to make a modular nano-game that could be kept on a bunch of cards (2 max) and I ended up with a cute party game that will probably make you laugh and have tons of fun! Draw cards, shoot your friends (well, not for real…) and see who’s the hardest to die.

You just need these simple rules, written on just 2 playing cards (yes, that small, but it’s still readable, I promise!) a poker deck, a bunch of tokens, and it’s done!

Gunslingers will be soon available on for just 2$ (now it’s in pending approval). If you buy it on there you’ll get an expansion set for free!

Stay tuned!

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